2011 Band of Brothers

The Apostle Paul reminds us that this life is a battlefield and that we need a wartime mentality. The young Timothy was conscripted to faithfully and boldly share the Gospel to the church in Ephesus and in doing so leading others into the unknown, yet certain, dangers. Paul instructed this young man to lead by both command and example; his wartime philosophy was simple – 'Follow me.'5593346092_a027bf83cf_n

Yet, everywhere we turn, the world is begging us to follow it and tells us what it means to be a man. As men who desire to be faithful to the Gospel, we need to be constantly reminded of what it means to be a Christian man who has been entrusted with the Gospel.

134 men (high school on up) joined a one-day conference sponsored by Missio Dei Church on Saturday, April 2nd. The conference was called ‘Band of Brothers: Men Entrusted with The Gospel’ where we will be spent a whole day immersed in 2 Timothy 2 wrestling with what does it look like to “guard the good deposit entrusted to you.” 

To see photos from this conference, click here. Photos courtesy of Mahtanimaging


  1. General Session 1 (2 Timothy 2:1-7) 
    The Man’s and his identity - Paul Vroom 
  2. General Session 2 (2 Timothy 2:8–13)Band of Brothers 3The Man and the Gospel – Tim Vink
    (audio not recorded)
  3. General Session 3 (2 Timothy 2:14-21)
    The Man and the Word - Bill Moore 
  4. General Session 4: (2 Timothy 2:22 – 26)
    The Man and his purity - Mark Morris 


*We apologize for the poor audio quality