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Sermon Questions: 2/24/2013

Pastor Paul Vroom had three great questions from Sunday mornings sermon "Monday: Turning the Tables" from Luke 19:45-48. We pray that you would use these questions in your personal relationship with God, with your family, or your Missional Community. ...Keep Reading

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Worship | A Zeal for Your House

This Sunday we are going to be walking through Luke 19:41-48 where Jesus clears the Court of the Gentiles. Jesus has a red hot zeal for worship. His zeal for worshiping God was to be extended to all the nations! We see Jesus halting the traffic of those who were using the Court of Gentiles as a shortcut - "he “would not allow anyone to carry anything through the temple.” So much for the one-sided “gentle Jesus, meek and mild.” ...Keep Reading

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I don't know what that even means

Well, as a pastor whose life is found ruminating on theological chunck and tibits, I sometimes quickly forget that not everyone is traveling with me, reading the same books as I am (or understand the context of sentences that I may have pulled out of a paragraph, which is located in a chapter, which is embedded in a book) or even in the same place spiritually or theologically as I am....Keep Reading

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Property Ministry: Using Your Time and Talent

Are you a hands-on, action-oriented person? If yes, then your help is needed!...Keep Reading

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Don't Waste Your Easter!

Many Christians get riled up about Satan’s attacks on Christmas. Santa, tinsel, and gifts get in the way of seeing the baby in the manger. I get that. However, I get more upset about what our enemy does with Easter. I’m not just talking about fuzzy bunnies and egg hunts, although those do turn our gaze away from the empty tomb. I’m talking about something more insidious....Keep Reading

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Change the Story.

Missio Dei Church is here to change the story....Keep Reading

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This is Your Green Light

Every story of influence and impact has a "once upon a time." There has never been a world changing idea that was already happening, there has never been an epic story without a beginning, and there will never be a person of influence without a starting point to the journey. This is the story of creation. This is your story....Keep Reading

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January 9, 2013 by Paul Vroom 1 comments

The Heart of a Pastor | Prayerlessness

I have to confess something: all day yesterday there was a deep desire to just cancel Second Tuesday Prayer (our monthly elder-led prayer gathering for Missio Dei Church). I just didn't feel like praying. It has been very busy season of life for the Vroom family and honestly, I just wanted to take the night off, but I pushed forward....Keep Reading

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Friends with Benefits?

This morning in my devotions, I read through 1 Corinthians 11:17-28. It was a tremendous reminder of the importance of Christ, and Him alone, remaining central to Missio Dei Church. Normally this section of Scripture is used as instructions about the Lord’s Supper and to prepare oneself for communion, but as I was sitting in Paul’s words something jumped out at me; Paul was addressing something that we (culturally) struggle with and will continue to struggle with....Keep Reading

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Year End Giving: Consider Missio Dei Church

As 2012 comes to a close and you think about year end giving, consider giving to Missio Dei Church. A friend of mine once told me that church planting requires three things: God, people, and cash. It's true. Planting and leading a young church is a big project that requires a lot of help. ...Keep Reading

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