Preparing for Worship on June 4th

June 1, 2017 by Kate Meyrick 0 comments

We are closing out our "Neighbors" series this week, our final topic centering on the the question "When do I love?" In John 4, Jesus is interacting with the Samaritan woman at the well. It's a wonderful passage: one of hope, redemption, and grace. But Jesus has an interesting back-and-forth with the disciples right in the middle of it. Even though Jesus is physically exhausted, he refuses to take food, saying that to do God's will is the only food he needs. "Look at the fields!" he says, "They are ripe for harvest!"

I encourage you to read this passage to prepare your hearts for worship and the message that Pastor Paul will bring. 

Prepare also to welcome the Manitoqua summer staff to our service. We will be commissioning them, singing songs of dedication and praise after they speak their vows. The team will be introducing two new (but not unfamiliar!) songs during the service: Holy Spirit and Good, Good Father. I hope you will take advantage of the two resources I've provided (just click on the song titles, you'll be directed to YouTube links), and join me as I pray, sing, and prepare for our worship and fellowship together on June 4th! 


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