Preparing to Gather: June 11th

June 8, 2017 by Kate Meyrick 0 comments

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The title of the second half of Romans 8 is "Present Suffering and Future Glory." There is something beautiful and terrible to be living in this tension. At the same time that we weep and groan, we are given a promise that the Holy Spirit weeps and groans with us, because he and all of creation is waiting for the day that Christ will come again. 

We forget that God's plan is so much bigger than our human idea of "plan." And while it is glorious to think about, it is at the same time so incredibly frustrating. 

One of the songs we will sing on Sunday is called "Your Love Never Fails." In the bridge, we will sing "You make all things work together for my good." That is what this week is all about. 

We will be gathered with Chris Tomlin's song "Indescribable." In Romans 8:22, we read about all of creation groaning for the adoption of the sons of God. It reminded me of Psalm 148, when creation is once again described as praising the Lord with their "voices." Isn't it incredible to think that we not only join the whole church to worship on Sunday morning, but all of the created universe? 

"Refiner's Fire" will help us pray for open hearts and minds before we hear the sermon. "My heart's one desire is to be holy, set apart for you... ready to do your will." 

I encourage you to prepare your hearts as we gather to worship the Lord this Sunday. 

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