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Inside Out and Children's Emotions

If you haven't seen Inside Out yet, it comes highly recommended. Want to know more about what Inside Out teaches about emotions?...Keep Reading

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VBS Offering

This past Sunday we made an announcement regarding a special offering that will be taken during VBS next week. Amanda Paben was able to have a conversation with Missy Camiola regarding the biggest need for Grace Gardens. Missy expressed a huge need to be able to send the children of Grace Gardens to school. The cost is $250 per semester (or $500 for the entire year). It is our desire for VBS and Missio Dei Church to be able to send at least two kids to school which means that we will need to raise $1,000....Keep Reading

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A Solemn Promise

It's hard to beleive that just about a week and a half ago we all gathered at the Welcome and Installation Service with the PCA. There was a lot that happened that evening. We had a great time of singing together some of the great hymns that tell of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in both new and old ways. We witnessed the installation of the Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders. We as congregations took vows. And we heard a powerful message from Acts 20:28 by Rev. Dr. Ligon Duncan. ...Keep Reading

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New Morning Mercies

Every now and then I read something that just resonates so much with me that I cannot help but share it! I have been reading a new devotional by Paul Tripp called "New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional". This morning I was doing some catch-up from the past few days and Paul's writings on April 12 just reached to the inner chambers of my heart. I sat next to my wife in awe of what he had to write on this day. Therefore, I thought I would share what he had to say with everyone I could so that maybe they could get a clearer understanding of the Gospel. Enjoy!...Keep Reading

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Preparing to Gather | February 15, 2015

This week we will be studying Exodus 20:15 in a sermon titled "Promise Keepers". If you missed last sermon in this series, click here. ...Keep Reading

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Kids Toys and The Gospel

"I am continually reminded how much our kids need our undivided attention, on their terms, and not ours. This communicates volumes in terms of humble service which is the essence of the Gospel. You want your kids to understand the Gospel? Get on the floor and play with them. Then when you speak of God coming down and condescending to our weakness they’ll have a picture of loving service to equate it to." Zach Neilson...Keep Reading

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Getting Back to Exodus

This week we are headed back into our journey through Exodus. Whenever we step out of a series for an extended period of time, in this case our Together series, I like to give a brief recap of where we are at in the story....Keep Reading

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Children's Church

As far as my recent experience in ministry is concerned, the area in which this balancing act has been most felt is in the area of our ministry to children in the church; namely, what should we do with young children during times of public worship?...Keep Reading

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Preparing for Kingdom Rock VBS

Over the next few weeks leading up to Vacation Bible School, I hope to share with you some how to’s that may be helpful for you and your family. This week we will be exploring an answer to the question “How do I invite my neighbor to VBS?” ...Keep Reading

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How to Pray for Kingdom Rock

This week I am going to address how to pray in the weeks leading up to vbs. I would like to share five ways you can be praying for our first Vacation Bible School. These will also be things that we will be praying for tomorrow night at Elder-Led Prayer!...Keep Reading

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