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Leadership Community | Leaders Only Recap

Last Saturday, July 26, the Elders, Deacons, and Ministry Leaders sat down to talk through the following agenda: 2014 Budget Discussion, Missional Outpost, and Ministry Evaluations. We wanted to inform you on what took place during that meeting so that you can not just be informed for knowledge sake, but to be in prayer for this team of people and the church as a whole as to what God is calling us to for our future....Keep Reading

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Evening With The Camiolas | A Recap

On Sunday night, July 13, we had the privilege to have our missionaries John & Missy Camiola come out for a BBQ and an evening of sharing what God is doing in their lives over in Jos, Nigeria. Here is how the evening went down:...Keep Reading

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Preparing to Gather (Good Friday 2014)

It is hard to imagine just a handful of years ago, when businesses shut down early as churches opened their doors on the Friday before Easter for an afternoon memorial of Christ’s crucifixion....Keep Reading

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T4G Recap 2014

Last week I had the blessing and priveledge to travel down to Louisville, KY with Pastor Paul Vroom to the Together For the Gospel Conference. This year the theme was "UnAshamed" - primarily talking about evangelism....Keep Reading

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Holy Week Numbers

As of Sunday, Palm Sunday, the Church has officially entered Holy Week. Many Christians will spend this week pondering the last week of Christ’s death...Keep Reading

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Jonah's Prayer in Context

If you were in church last Sunday, you would have heard a sermon titled, "A Prayer From the Belly" by Joe Paglia. If you were like me, you were taken back when Joe read Jonah's prayer from inside the great fish in its context. This is a beautiful prayer when you read it in its entirety. So for those of you who would like to see the verses from Psalms that Jonah prays, see the text below. I did my best to try and present it as readable as possible. ...Keep Reading

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Guilt & Grace l Resources

During the next few weeks, Missio Dei Church will be going through a series called "Guilt & Grace: Lent and the Heidelberg Catechism". ...Keep Reading

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Worship Songs 3

A while back I was blessed to help a buddy of mine, Vinnie Adams, record a CD of some worship tunes that were supposed to help serve the Church. We had done two projects before and figured things out through some trial and error. However, this particular project got me really excited at the time. I felt like we had the desire, equipment, and the vision to procude a really well done project. Two years later, the expereince of recording this CD still resonates with me as well as the songs that were chosen....Keep Reading

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Confession: I Struggle to Listen

We must work at truly listening to others. Listening requires an intense interest in the other person. As Simon Kistemaker says: 'Listening is loving the neighbor as oneself; his concerns and problems are sufficiently important to be heard.' This requires eye contact and sensitivity to the other’s gestures and moods and silences....Keep Reading

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Family Hospitality (February 2, 2014)

On Sunday February 2, Missio Dei Church will be celebrating the profession of faith of Abigail Phillips and Lillian Bruxvoort as well as the baptism of Abigail Phillips. We have heard that there could possibly be upwards of an extra 30 people in attendance on Sunday morning. This is extremely exciting for us and especially for Abigail and Lillian as they will have their friends, family, and church family in attendance to support them and pray for them. ...Keep Reading

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