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Would You Say That To

“We should never boldly proclaim into a microphone that which we wouldn’t have the courage to share with our neighbor. Often when we are gathered as the church in a safe place, we proclaim the greatness of God and the sufficiency of the Gospel. However, when we leave that safety, we are too often either apathetic or filled with unbelief in the things we profess to be true.” ...Keep Reading

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Singing Is More Than...

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Two [Free] Albums I Can't Stop Listening To

Very seldom do I come across an album where I look forward to hearing every song. I usually enjoy the popular tunes like everyone else and maybe one or two other tracks that resonate well with me. Within the last week however, to my surprise, I have come across two FREE albums that I am having a hard time not listening to. ...Keep Reading

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Using The City: Email Notifications

Without fail, around 3:00pm everyday I hear the “ping” go off. I can just about guarantee another email from The City. Yep, it’s another daily digest. As one who manages most of the content that comes out on The City, it is weird to get an email showing me all the emails I sent out throughout the day/week. While you may not be doing most of the posting, all of you are receiving them throughout the day in some way or another. My hope for this post is to further refine how you use The City and cut back on your inbox clutter....Keep Reading

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The Crazy Things We Do for Love

In my last post, I talked about how I love to read. I love to read lots of books, often at the same time. One of those books that I am reading is by Mike Cosper called "Rhythms of Grace: How the Church's Worship Tells the Story of the Gospel." As I am reading this book, I have come across a lot of different parts why I chuckle out loud at how he talks about Israel's disobedicne to God or I will often give the "hmmmm" as I deeply resonate with God's grace throughout scripture. ...Keep Reading

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Getting Back Into Acts

If you love to read and are anything like me, you love reading books. You find great joy in picking a book off the shelf and sifting through the pages as you sit down with a great cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate…etc. Maybe, just maybe, if you are able, you might be reading a few books at once. This is often the case for me....Keep Reading

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Civil War Reenactments & Good Friday

Good Friday is a powerful day of remembrance. However, Good Friday is good only because Sunday eventually comes. As Christians, we must never look at the cross without thinking of the empty grave. Jesus’ suffering is inseparable from his victorious resurrection. There is a reason that the logo for Christianity is an empty cross: he did not remain upon it, but rose again. We can mourn our sin, but we do not mourn as the world does because Jesus reigns upon His throne....Keep Reading

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Lent: Giving Ourselves Up to Prayer Recap

Were you unable to make it to our Wednesday night lenten prayer services? No worries, while I will not be able to share with you what it felt like to experience the community and the presence of the Holy Spirit dwelling with us each week, I can at least share what we leared from Randy. ...Keep Reading

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Hymn Helps: How Firm A Foundation

At a quick read through of this wonderful hymn, you may think through to yourself, "Why didn't this song stay in the 1700's with all its 'thee's', 'thys', dross - what does that even mean?" However, as you read through each verse you will see themes from Scripture being sung which means we ultimately singing about the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ. ...Keep Reading

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The End of Worship is the end of Worship

My point in writing this is not to just share a bunch of random quotes that I have been reading. My hope is to reorient outselves to our calling and mission. We come together "we are (re)made to be makers." As we prepare to gather this Sunday, would you consider taking time to read through what Pastor Paul Vroom has posted? Let these resources, by the power and help of the Holy Spirit, help you to be better Kingdom servants, sent out on mission, week after week, to the glory of God!...Keep Reading

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