Sermon Recap | Filled with the Fullness of Jesus

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This past Sunday we read from Colossians 2:8-10 in which we heard from a sermon titled Filled With the Fullness of Jesus. This section was launching a new “orbit” of Jesus-Centered Thinking for us with our series The Core. Over the next few weeks we will be thinking about our thinking and discerning how does Scripture challenge us to be more mindful of others and ourselves. Here are some of my takeaways from the sermon that I thought were worth sharing:

DEFINITION : Spiritual Drift | A subtle departure in focus and truth in what is really important or effective. It is a drift first of thinking, then affection, and finally action.

Colossians 2:8-10 offers us a warning and a solution regarding spiritual drifting.

WARNING | Think about your thinking (vs. 8)

Know that you could drift
  • When Paul says “see to it” he is using stronger wording than what we read. This imperative tells us to beware, watch out, or take heed of.
  • Drifting comes from our lack of vigilance regarding our mindfulness
Know the signs of “drifting teaching”
  • The teaching that Paul was refuting at Colossae was intellectual and had little Gospel focus. For those who were living in Colossae the drifting teaching seemed right. However, Paul reasoned with the Colossians that their previous teaching had little to do with Jesus.
  • Paul also encourages people to be care regarding man made traditions. These traditions are not often bad but can be dangerous when the traditions are not focused on Christ.
  • Question: What are some examples of drifting teaching today? Knowing that there is drifting teaching in the world around us, how can we better discern and refute this type of teaching? 

2016.01.24_sacred cow

  • Question: What are your sacred cows and why are they so vital or powerful for you?

  • The Colossian problem was similar with a spiritualizing of certain foods, drink, festivals, visions, the worship of angels, and particular regulations. They spiritualized these things and made them more than what they should have.
Absence of Christ
  • The focus wasn’t on Jesus and therefore the Colossian teachings were empty.

SOLUTION | Focus on Jesus (vs. 9-10)

Focus on who He is
  • “In Him the whole fullness of diety dwells bodily"
  • Question: What steps will you take this week to keep your focus on Jesus? Will you work to memorize scripture, be more intentional with your daily reading, journal, pray, or be more engaged with your Missional community? Note: these things are not the end-all. However, these things are fitting ways and appropriate responses to the Gospel and one’s desire to focus more on Christ.
Who Are You in Him?
  • You have been filled “in Him”
  • Activity: Write out all the “in Him” says that you have read in Colossians so far. Then ponder how this can powerfully impact you and your relationship with Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior.

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