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IMG_1948.JPGWe came to Mission Dei Church (MDC) seeking refuge and healing for our damaged souls from an unhealthy and hurtful church situation. Missio Dei Church welcomed us with open arms in a very safe and loving way. They gave us our space to heal but were there for support when we needed it. They loved us as Christ loves the church and helped us put our lives back together. God’s amazing grace was reflected in all the members every week!

Our understanding and appreciation of the sovereignty of God has grown since we have been attending MDC. In our recent Exodus series the depth in which we learned about the Ten Commandments has been life changing. As we went through each command we each discovered more of our shortcomings that relate to our walk in today’s world. The grace in which these messages were presented helped us to walk in our freedom in Christ instead of condemnation. We also came to a greater understanding through this series of the importance of resting on the Sabbath which has drastically changed how we schedule our Sundays. Nurturing our marriage relationship has now become a greater priority as result of this series too. We have come to understand how important oneness in marriage is to God.

Drew: I, as a husband and father, know that I fall short of what God has expected of me. I have been encouraged through building relationships with the other men at church in bible study, Missional Community and other activities. I am becoming a more godly husband and father through the accountability, transparency and searching of God’s Word in these relationships.

Sue: I, as a wife and mother, love the example and support of the other women at the church too. They have helped me to get my priorities in order. Taking care of our family and home now naturally take precedence over serving in the church. Now we are able to give or serve out of the abundance of our hearts. As God has given us so much!

One of our favorite things about MDC is the prayer time or prayer cards that are offered. Both of our careers were going through some rough changes and we asked the Church for prayer. God answered those prayers with a complete amazing career change and an increase in contracts awarded. Our God is good! He provides for all of our needs!

Our youngest daughter says that MDC helped her to understand more of who Jesus is by how the other children also wanted to give their life to God. The teachers get excited about God making learning about Jesus interesting. They also actually get up and do it!

We are so grateful for the new church family God has given us in Missio Dei. Here we have received much healing and new direction in how to glorify God with our lives. Thank you, Father God, for Missio Dei Church!


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